Clinical Psychologist - Melbourne, Kew & Malvern

Dr Jane Weaver

My approach

My approach is one of warmth, openness and collaboration. I understand the importance of flexibility in managing your immediate concerns, while maintaining a view towards your planned goals. In working together, we will help you to implement strategies and develop ways of managing your present difficulties and everyday challenges, with a focus on assisting you to build resilience and ways of coping in the longer term.

My training and research has emphasized the importance of psychological treatments that are supported by clinical research. In keeping with this, I use mainly cognitive behaviour therapy, blended with mindfulness approaches (including Acceptance and Commitment Therapy) and some positive psychology methods, to treat individuals with a range of psychological difficulties.


My background

My psychological practice has developed from experience in understanding the approaches that the people I see find helpful, and is based on a strong background in psychological research and clinical training. This has included a PhD in psychology (focusing on the early stages of memory decline) and postgraduate (Masters) clinical psychology training in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) to treat a range of psychological difficulties in people of all ages.

I have since trained in Acceptance and Commitment Therapy and mindfulness and positive psychology approaches. I am experienced in working with people with a range of psychological conditions, and have worked as a professional for many years in a related health field, which has encouraged my strong interest in anxiety disorders, women’s health, and age-related difficulties.

I am a registered Clinical Psychologist (including a member of the Clinical College of the Australian Psychological Society), and able to provide services under Medicare, Worksafe, and private health insurance.

I am also a registered pharmacist and a member of the Pharmaceutical Society of Australia.

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